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Automation Technology provides Sheffer pneumatic cylinders faster and more reliably than anyone else. Customer satisfaction is crucial and the relationships we develop with manufacturers play a huge role in how we provide the best service possible. Engineers at Automation Technology have a clear understanding of how Sheffer pneumatic cylinders operate and their application in varied industries. Unlike other distributors, who are solely focused on sales, we offer high quality Sheffer pneumatic cylinders with promised ongoing support from knowledgeable and dedicated engineers.

  • Pressure rating up to 250 PSI
  • Lubed for life
  • Studded rod ends – 4 wrench flats
  • Durable hard chrome plated design
  • Ideal for demanding applications

It is important to acknowledge the context in which Sheffer pneumatic cylinders are used. Our engineers will determine how to best incorporate a Sheffer pneumatic cylinder into your production process. We continually facilitate the needs of our customers so that your Sheffer pneumatic cylinder will have a quality life long performance. A Sheffer pneumatic cylinder provided by Automation Technology is a cost effective way to improve your production process and condense your application needs into one reliable product.

Buy Sheffer Hydraulic Cylinders


The Sheffer hydraulic cylinders we deliver reflect our one size rarely fits all mentality. The quality and reliability of our Sheffer hydraulic cylinders is important to us. We believe that you should enjoy a Sheffer hydraulic cylinder with strong performance that you can rely on for the long term. Long lasting Sheffer hydraulic cylinders are designed with customer needs in mind. We measure the performance of our Sheffer hydraulic cylinders based on your satisfaction, therefore each Sheffer hydraulic cylinder is manufactured to solve the diverse needs of individual customers.

  • Longer Lifetime of Service
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Simple and Affordable Repairs
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Industry’s Longest Warranty

Sheffer hydraulic cylinders embody our dedication to solving any challenge you face. When searching for the right cylinder, it is the little things that count, what is it that can make or break your performance? We deliver Sheffer hydraulic cylinders that go above and beyond, taking everything involved in industrial success into account. You will never have to fit your production needs to a Sheffer hydraulic cylinder, their simple design will easily acclimate to your project based on the specifications and performance parameters you provide.

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Since 1981, Automation Technology has been serving the Industrial and Manufacturing Industries as a Distributor of MRO and OEM quality brands of Pneumatic, Hydraulic, & Electrical Components, Assemblies, Aluminum Extrusion, and Machine Vision Equipment and Additional Equipment and Parts.

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We are a proud partner to many quality brand name products such as ACE, Automatic Valve, Wilkerson, Tolomatic, Zimmer, Sheffer, Vaccon, Enetrols, Eurotherm, HyperCyl, MaxPro, SMAC, Sommer, DataLogic, and more.

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We offer a large selection of brands and products and have a strong reputation for having a very knowledgeable and friendly sales team that can answer your hardest questions.

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Not only is our Sales Team very Knowledgeable, but we provide Personal Customer Support for Custom Components, Assemblies, and Hard to Find Parts that you cannot get from large box store distributors.

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We pride ourselves on fast delivery, quality assurance, and a money back guarantee. Even if there is a product that we do not stock, call us today and we can assist you.


Your Satisfaction is Always Guaranteed

The demands of business require flexible, reliable service. Service is our primary strength. At Automation Technology, Inc. our commitment to customer support is the best in the industry:

  • On-time delivery of the highest quality products in the industry
  • Unparalleled service and ongoing technical support
  • Our personal guarantee that you will have what you need, when you need it & how you need it
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