Mobile Computer Power Supplies/Cords

  • 91ACC0032

    $0.00 Power Supply for Joya Demo Kit. It can power up to 3 Joya devices
  • 91ACC0048

    $0.00 Power Supply for Memor 1/Joya Touch 3-Slot Cradle/Dock and Single Slot Dock; Requires Line Cord (for 3-slot powers up to 2 docks in Standard Charge mode and 1 dock...
  • 91ACC0049

    $0.00 Memor 1 / Joya Touch 3-Slot Cradle/Dock Power Jumper to connect a second 3-slot cradle/dock to a single power supply (5 pcs)
  • 91ACC0730

    $0.00 Cradle connection cables to Power supply (8pcs).
  • 94A050031

    $0.00 Adapter to supply power directly from vehicle 12VDC cigarette lighter plug to device MicroUSB connector (1.8A at 5V)
  • 94A050045

  • 94ACC0041

    $0.00 Power Converter: 72-110 VDC input; 15VDC output (requires 12-24VDC industrial computer)
  • 94ACC0135

    $0.00 POWER SUPPLY, MICROUSB, DL-AXIST (includes 4 regional plugs)
  • 94ACC0136

    $0.00 POWER SUPPLY, SINGLE SLOT DOCK, DL-AXIST (included with Single Slot docks, power line cord to be purchased separately)
  • 94ACC0137

    $0.00 POWER SUPPLY, 4 BATTERY CHARGER, DL-AXIST (included with 4 Slot Battery Charger, power line cord to be purchased separately)
  • 94ACC0161

    $0.00 AC/DC Power Brick, 24VDC to 110/230VAC (requires IEC line cord) (Rhino II/SH15 only)
  • 94ACC0165

    $0.00 DC Power Cable, 2.9 meters (included with main unit) (included with Rhino II/SH15 DC main unit)
  • 94ACC0196

    $0.00 POWER SUPPLY, USB-C, MEMOR 10 (includes 4 regional plugs)
  • 94ACC0197

    $0.00 POWER SUPPLY, DOCKS & CHARGERS, MEMOR 10 (power line cord to be purchased separately)
  • 94ACC0249

    $0.00 Power Supply Quick Charge 3A - 18W, USB, Device/Dock, MEMOR 20 (includes 4 regional plugs; suitable to charge Device and power 94A150099 Single Slot Dock Light)