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Automation Technology is a distributor of durable and reliable Bosch Rexroth transfer systems. Their innovative technology is used for production, assembly, and testing tasks worldwide. Rexroth process and material flow technology can be as simple or complex as you need. Their conveyor systems are modular, enabling them to conform to your changing demands.

  • Leader in supplying assembly conveyors
  • Automotive, electric, medical and appliance industries
  • Customers including Apple, Ford, GM, IBM, and many more
  • Free layout software

Bosch Rexroth transfer systems have been proven to optimize material flow. The Varioflow chain conveyor system is proven to improve production speed with an exceptionally small footprint. Our maintenance-free Bosch Rexroth transfer systems will improve your productivity during the manufacturing process while reducing the costs of production.

Bosch Rexroth Varioflow Conveyors


Bosch Rexroth manufactures the compliant and cost-effective Varioflow Plus plastic chain conveyor system.

Automation Technology distributes Bosch Rexroth’s premier Varioflow Plus conveyor systems. Varioflow is a system designed with modularity and customizability in mind. It’s perfectly integrated with our conveyor beds and inspection systems.

  • Stainless Steel or Aluminum construction
  • A wide range of chain links to choose from
  • Adjustable system that’s easy to clean.

Varioflow plus has an advantage over its competition that comes from its quiet operation. Its quiet translates to lower transfer costs. It’s flexibility also allows for fast vertical, horizontal, incline, decline, and sub-floor movement in limited-space production environments.

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Since 1981, Automation Technology has been serving the Industrial and Manufacturing Industries as a Distributor of MRO and OEM quality brands of Pneumatic, Hydraulic, & Electrical Components, Assemblies, Aluminum Extrusion, and Machine Vision Equipment and Additional Equipment and Parts.

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We are a proud partner to many quality brand name products such as ACE, Automatic Valve, Wilkerson, Tolomatic, Zimmer, Sheffer, Vaccon, Enetrols, Eurotherm, HyperCyl, MaxPro, SMAC, Sommer, DataLogic, and more.

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We are your “One Stop Shop” for a large selection of your Industrial & Manufacturing products that include Rotary Dampers, Vacuum Pumps, Regulators, Air Filters, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders, Actuators, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Valves, Presses, Controls, Shock Absorbers, Raw Aluminum Extrusion, Aluminum Extrusion Components, Aluminum Extrusion Kits, and Machine Vision Equipment & Components.

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We offer a large selection of brands and products and have a strong reputation for having a very knowledgeable and friendly sales team that can answer your hardest questions.

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Not only is our Sales Team very Knowledgeable, but we provide Personal Customer Support for Custom Components, Assemblies, and Hard to Find Parts that you cannot get from large box store distributors.

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We pride ourselves on fast delivery, quality assurance, and a money back guarantee. Even if there is a product that we do not stock, call us today and we can assist you.


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The demands of business require flexible, reliable service. Service is our primary strength. At Automation Technology, Inc. our commitment to customer support is the best in the industry:

  • On-time delivery of the highest quality products in the industry
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  • Our personal guarantee that you will have what you need, when you need it & how you need it
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